Roland Wagner
 CEO of Akaparis Company
 and Professor of University of Applied Sciences Berlin
Boris Jebsen
CEO of Mobile Seasons GmbH and Initiator of droidcon 

Philipp Kandal
GM of Europe Affairs of Telenav Company, and Manager of Geographic Information Dep.  

Alex Sourov
Facebook Engineering manage

 Zou Pengcheng
 Senior Vice President of Thundersoft Software Co., Ltd

   Liao Huqiu
China Glory Shine Principle Engineer

Wang Shenghua
Alibaba  Senior Engineer

Duan Jianhua
Famous Blogger@Sina and Android Development Engineer in Flipboard- topics

Jiang Jinfeng
Technical Director of Letv Computing Terminal Dep.


Ren Shuo
Technical director of Mobile end
 in Tencent Literature

Richard Brown 
Vice President of Marketing at VIA Technologies Inc 

Qi Zhengwei
The professor of software institute in Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Zachary Zou
Intel Asia Pacific R&D Inc.
Engineering Director 
Wang Haitao
Intel Asia Pacific R&D Inc.
 Engineering Manager
Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. 
MIUI Architect of 
Gautier Mechling
Aspiring Software Craftsman 
Alexandru Petrescu
Facebook Software Engineer 
Christopher Guzman
Nexmo  Developer Advocate
Zheng Wei
 Alibaba  Technical Expert of Taobao Mobile Platform
Yang Botao
Lenovo Group
Technical Director
Michael Fox
VIA Technologies. Inc.
Marketing Manager
Zhang Jiongxuan
Qihoo Corp Tech Manager
Chen Wei
Emind Software Co.,Ltd.
 General Manager 
Xu Jianlin
Beijing Yolo TimesTech Co.,Ltd.
 Android Developer
Zhou Hongbo
Ubilink Co.Ltd  President and GM 
Yuan Huihui
Beijing Xiaomi Co.,Ltd.
Developer of MIUI System 
Wang Haoyu
Beijing University of Posts  and Telecommunications 
Assistant Professor
Deng Fanping 
Innovation Research Institute at China Minsheng Bank
Zhang Dawei  
Senior Architect in Letv


Charlie Collins
 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Senior Technology Manager

Yan Guoyue
Senior Engineer at Wechat


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  Beijing Changfeng Information Technology Industry Alliance

  Beijing Key Laboratory on Integration and Analysis of Large-scale Stream Data

  Mobile Seasons GmbH