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Beijing Changfeng Information Technology Industry Alliance was founded in 2005 by a group of software and information service enterprises, research institutes and third parties, with the support of state and Beijing Municipal Governments. It became a group of social organization in 2011. Now it has developed into an industry technology innovation alliance mainly in software and IT service industry, with good reputation nationwide within 10 years.

Changfeng Alliance is committed to promoting the development of software products with independent intellectual property and information service industry, building a complete chain of industry, academy, research and commercializationIn recent years, in order to meet the member enterprises increasing internationalization needs of "going out", Changfeng Alliance gradually expands its overseas business. Now it has over 50 international organizations and enterprises channels including Sweden geographical information technology association, national ICT Alliance of the Czech Republic, the South Korea electronics industry research institute, Singapore communications development bureau, Poland communications development bureau, Samsung, Google and etc.

The main international business of Changfeng Alliance includes: organizing overseas missions for domestic organizations and enterprises ;providing one-stop customized matchmaking services for foreign organizations and enterprises coming to China; holding and organizing international conferences, seminars, promotion meetings and matchmaking events in IT industry; international technology and talents training; consulting services and due diligence entrusted by international clients.

Since the second half of 2015, the international business of Changfeng Alliance developed rapidly. It has set up offices in Belgium, Sweden, and New Zealand. The overseas offices aim at expanding overseas members; seeking the opportunities to matchmake the international advanced technology projects, products, and agents for domestic member enterprises; Providing domestic and foreign enterprises trainings, business missions, forums, and technology projects matchmaking events; promoting and advertising international conferences; and recommending the international advanced technology projects and companies to come to China matchmaking the domestic technical needs.
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 Alley Zhao: 13811126424
 Tony Wang:  18201532086

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